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   Big Brother Koka      Bonneville Power guilty of Adult Bullying and it must stop! Help support new laws to protect us adults.

It is hard to believe that no law exists to protect adults who have been bullied in the workplace. There is little recourse to an employee in civilian federal service if he/she is bullied. I've written many senators about this gap in help. I'm calling on my Senator Patty Murray to sponsor a bill to stop this madness. Please Patty, we could use your help!

I have been bullied at work from managers and foremen who have exceeded their authority and they get away with it. It starts at the top and trickles down. This will not change until, like the NFL, until publicity gives them a wake up call. My company Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) got caught discriminating against veterans so you can see my challenge.
UPDATE; In 2012 I filed an EEO complaint against my employer BPA for retaliation for complaining about being bullied. I had to pay for my attorney, BPA used their group of FREE attorneys to fight me. I WON, after a federal judge dismissed 2 pages of motions by BPA to toss the complaint and urged BPA to figure it out. Her warning letting them know that  it would not go well for BPA had we proceeded to my hearing that was granted. A settlement was reached in 2013. Guess what, nothing has changed at BPA, the guilty bad managers and my bully all got their bonuses, not a one was actually punished. This is what is wrong with the system, the government uses public money to settle their bad decisions and there is no accountability. CEO Elliot Mainzer gets an "F"in my book, once again the practice is to protect managers who behave badly.

You get a manager who doesn't want to hire you but is forced to because you are the only internal qualified applicant. Then you get his sidekick, a foremen who shows up for work drunk on many occasions who wants to get promoted. Bingo! That story comes later. You throw that new employee (me) in with a known troubled psychotic employee (who should have been fired 20 years ago with a wrap sheet a book thick). The nutty employee does his thing, tormenting the other employees and contractors unmercifully for weeks on end. Another foremen actually leaving that crazy employee as the new persons boss creating one dangerous situation, even after filing the complaints. After filing many complaints I get moved to the drunks crew, great ( I have a witness to seeing those drunks too). My health continues to fail as I struggle with nasty bad dreams and a natural limbic reaction to the whole mess. All the time getting zero support from HR, the managers are out to get the bad guy, the honest dependable hard working employee. What is wrong with this picture!!!
Please write your senators and congress if your mom or dad or grandparent or aunts and uncles have been bullied at work. This is the time for change.
Thank you,
Todd C. Sheets