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Self Esteemed Homes?

by Todd C. Sheets
Every home built should be embellished with self esteem. This may be an unusual statement, so I pose the question “Why Not?”. We as people have an internal dialog that sings of self worth and character, so why shouldn’t our home reflect those same values. Isn’t it our innate nature to take care of our personal needs of health, shelter and happiness? A main staple of our daily lives is the time we spend indoors, at home. Within those walls should and need to be healthy elements; clean air, natural light, low electromagnetic radiation and sustainable non-polluting products. Just as individuals succeed on their own merit, the self esteemed home is not comparable to any other. Through the use of healthy products, a sense of security survives. When we have a healthy respect for ourselves our equally sustainable blended home mirrors those characters. Our daily lives are layered with positive and non-toxic decision making; those same healthy layers can be placed within the walls of new construction. Our home with self esteem is merely a reflection of ourselves, beaming back health and a high standard for living.
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